Most Intelligent
and Affordable E-bike Ever

5 Different Riding Modes

500W Hub Motor

Up to 28 MPH Speed

Up to 65 Miles Range

Removable Battery

Ergonomic Design

Torque Sensor

Integrated Display and Lights

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Ergonomic eBike: Designed for Everyone

Introducing Elixe, the intelligent and comfortable eBike meticulously designed to cater to everyone's needs. Elixe offers versatile frame options, including both step-through and step-over designs, to suit riders of all preferences. Additionally, you can choose models specific to your country's regulations. With a height range of 4 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 5 inches and a weight of only 42 lbs, Elixe is accessible and comfortable for a wide range of riders.

Experience simplicity, comfort, and relaxation with the Elixe eBike. Its streamlined and ergonomic design, crafted from premium materials, ensures a high-quality riding experience.

5 Different Riding Modes: Unlock the Power You Need

Elixe eBike offers diverse riding modes, including a half-throttle twist mode for precise control.

Removable & Quick Charge Battery

After a 2-hour charge, you can ride up to 60 miles. For extended range, you have the option to carry an extra battery, ensuring an uninterrupted journey.

The removable battery allows for easy charging without the need to carry the entire eBike. Achieving a 90% charge in just 2 hours adds to the convenience of keeping your ride charged and ready.

Smart Torque Sensor

The Elixe features a high-accuracy, smart torque sensor that provides immediate and seamless feedback to your pedal strokes, unlike a speed sensor. This innovative feature ensures a more responsive and natural riding experience, offering precise control over the eBike.

500W Powerful Hub Motor

The Elixe hub motor is powered by Bafang, which has a 500W capacity. It provides 65Nm of torque. The Elixe eBike delivers a seamless and effortless riding experience, even on inclines of steep hills. The Elixe ebike weighs only 42lbs, including the battery.

Smart eBike with Anti-Theft System

To ensure the security of your elixe eBike, an integrated GPS tracker is included to monitor its location and receive alerts for any unusual activity.

The built-in display monitor is embedded in the handle design for a sleek look and displays important stats of your eBike. You can view the history of your rides, including your health stats.


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